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The acupressure is known for its healing properties and has got a great significance in ancient Chinese medicine. Acupressure plays a vital role in treating any kind of pain or illness. The Acupressure can normalize any kind of imbalance and provide more ease and relaxation to the body. In recent times there are several doctors who agree to the fact that acupressure has a tremendous healing effect on the human body. The acupressure can also be beneficial for the other healthcare providers who want to incorporate this method of holistic healing into their practice as an alternative therapy.

In Acupressure treatment a controlled pressure is applied by the thumb for a certain time at a significant point. The pressure is given by the fingers and elbow as well. In this method no medicines or drugs are used to treat the patient. According to the acupressure therapy the sore spots forms a pattern of small knots that blocks the flow of oxygen and blood that can cause the pain or tension in the muscle. Acupressure helps in relaxing the muscle and minimizing the pain which also increases the efficiency of the patient to a great extent.

Acupressure can give the best results in the stress-related problems. When the pressure is applied to the acupressure points, the tension present in the muscle releases and it gets relaxed. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Hence it is best for those who suffer from poor blood circulation.

Several medical theories suggest that acupressure boosts the immune system. It is observed that the acupressure also helps in detoxifying the lymphatic system and drains the wastes and other toxins of the body. Besides all these, the acupressure also helps in reducing the weight, increasing fertility, fighting aging and promotes healthier skin.