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Animal Reiki

Reiki is one of those healing processes of holistic healing that focuses on the growth of the inner being. One of the main purposes of the reiki is to influence the person towards the spiritual path. With the help of reiki practice an individual can experience true love along with the oneness.

It is mentioned in the old scriptures of Ayurveda and other scriptures of holistic healing that true healing occurs with the power of love. The Reiki is known as the divine or universal energy which helps the practitioner to dive within oneself.

Now the question arises that why there are so many animal lovers who are attracted to reiki? The only answer to this question is that animals are overly sensitive towards vibrations as compared to human beings. Hence it is believed that animals attract humans to their lives in order to heal them with the help of their unconditional love and affection.

One of the best advantages of Reiki is that it can be practiced with the animal as well. Though it does not matter whether the animal is present at a short distance or miles away. This is because the energy of reiki can flow anywhere therefore it is best for those animals who do not want to come in direct contact with the healer. It is observed that the average timeline of the reiki period is between 30 to 60 minutes. It is very much possible that during the session of reiki that animals can go into a trans like a state because this healing process clears up all the imbalances and negative energy. Besides this, the reiki also encourages health and wellness. Any type of physical contact is not required in reiki. Hence the Reiki can be given to the animals without touching them.

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